About Us

Who are you hiring?  Honestly, first and foremost, you're hiring a friend.


Ok, ok.  We know that sounds cheesy.  But if you're going to spend almost your entire wedding day with someone, it should be someone who you get along with, right?

We believe that fun and laughter are the keys to great photos because they help our subjects relax, and feel comfortable in front of the camera.  And from that comfortability we build real and meaningful relationships with our clients right from the start.  We consider all of our previous brides and grooms friends who we would get pizza with on a random Tuesday, or even help them move (seriously).

My name is Brady and my wife Ali and I love camping, hiking, video games, movies, weird photo adventures, and more recently, trips to the beach with our young son Patrick.

Our favorite part of shooting weddings is easy; the people.  We've met so many amazing and interesting couples and families, it would be an honor and a pleasure to get to know you and yours.