Martina & Andrew's Wedding August 8th 2015

People refer to living on the west coast, as a place where time moves more slowly, and people greet one another with smiles. Fresh food is available anywhere you turn, and it only takes minutes to find yourself immersed in nature.

Andrew and Martina had chosen to get married on Pender Island last summer, an oasis of hiking paths, shell beaches, complete with a farmers’ market selling a rainbow of home grown fruits and vegetables. We may have to admit, that we felt confiddent in our abilities by this point, and we really enjoyed ourselves on Martina and Andrew's wedding day. The forecast called for rain, and we all waited, suspended by the dread of what downpour meant on a wedding day.

The clouds parted just long enough for a picturesque ceremony overlooking a bay of water, but returned for formals. However this didn’t mar the experience for Martina and Andrew, who you could tell resonated with the climate we all knew so well. Their smiles did not dampen, but grew as the hem of Martina’s dress got soggy, and the bridesmaids huddled with groomsmen under the ‘hopewedonthavetousethese’ umbrellas.

Congratulations Martina and Andrew!

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