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Jenkins Photography

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  • 30 Minute Sessions

  • Gallery of approximately
    20 Images to choose from

  • 5 high-res images of your choice

  • Additional files & prints available
    for purchase

  • 10% discount for 2 or more siblings

  • Dress your child in a plain WHITE or BLACK t-shirt

  • For best results: no collars, ruffles,
    graphics or patterns etc.

  • Bring them with a clean, moisturized face free of crumbs and boogies

  • Plain and simple lets your child shine!




  • Each child requires their own booking

  • Celebrate their individuality!

  • We will photograph siblings together at the end of the session

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About Me


As a parent and a photographer I can't help but feel spoiled by all the incredible images I've been lucky enough to capture of my son.  To me, these photos are a timeless gift I'll only grow to cherish more as he and I get older.

I love that I have the opportunity to share that gift with families here in Victoria. 

I grew up on the north end of the island in Port McNeill and have been living in Victoria for 16 years.  I picked up a camera 9 years ago and haven't looked back.

As much as I enjoy meeting new people, I especially enjoy meeting "new" people.  Kids in the process of developing their own little personalities.  Thier likes and dislikes, their dreams and aspirations.  Every child is so different and eager to share.  I love hearing their stories.


What they dressed up as for Halloween, what kind of birthday cake they had, where they went for Christmas, whats their favorite pizza topping.  These are the conversations I get a kick out of with kids.

I will play peek'a'boo and unapologetically make fart sounds with my mouth to make your child laugh.  So come on by and let's get some awesome shots of those kiddos!


The Studio


-comfy seats



-couch for jumping


What Parents Say

"So Easy-Going"

They turned out so good!!! Thank you so much!  My heart is exploding.

"Great Service"

Oh my god they’re so gorgeous!

"Kind & Loving"

I’m dying over how cute these are - thank you so much!


Prints and products are available in a multitude of size, frame, and material options.

You'll have the option to place product orders via the print store found in the online gallery used to deliver your images.

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