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About Me


Hey there!  My name's Brady and I've been a professional photographer here on the south island for 8 years.  And wouldn't you know it, I'm a dog person!

I grew up with dogs all my life.  Thier companionship, loyalty, personality, and love can't be overstated.  They are the four legged protectors, therapists, and playmates of our families.

I wish I could go back and get a great photo like these of Dusty, Penny, Puffin, and Jack.


While I mainly shoot weddings, in the winter months I love to invite people and thier animals into my studio for these fun pet sessions!  With my specialized camera and lighting equipment, we can make something truly unique to immortalize your furry family member for generations to come.

PS. I will unapologetically play with your dog.  Just FYI


The Studio

-comfy seats



-so many smells

What Pet Owners Say

"Very Relaxed"

I can’t ha